Some Cool Results

The Chips were out on the trails in full force this past weekend at the Way Too Cool 50K.  We had first timers, 23 year streakers, and PR’s!  There were a total of 27 Chips who completed the race, here are the results (if you don’t see your name please send your name and time to

Barbara Ashe – 2nd in Age Group  5:50:52

Jason Bader  6:35:51

Mari Bashor  7:05:03

Jef Benner  6:53:05

Chris Conwell  5:46:42

John Feeney  6:05:43

Mike French  5:36:10

Jamie Frink  4:50:56

Helen Hull  6:17:43

Charley Jones  5:21:39

Shanna Kloberdanz  6:36:16

Mark Lantz – 16th Overall  3:55:35

Kynan Matz  6:43::21

Annette Mensonides  6:03:48

Pete Montgomery  5:16:08

June Montuori  6:15:02

Mark Murray  4:08:05

John Nichols  4:43:06

William Pequinot  5:39:55

Matthew Perry  7:06:09

Todd Robie  6:46:16

Bill Roehr  7:21:55

Dennis Scott  7:56:38

Ernest Takahashi – 3rd in Age Group  5:33:40

Allyson Conwell  5:17:28

Kirsten Van Tuyl  6:52:07

Denis Zilaff  6:52:48


For more results you can visit Ultra Signup or Capitol Road Race Management (for more detailed results with splits).

Go Chips!

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